Pam - I thought about taking up ballet ages ago but adult classes always seemed intimidating. Michelle's adult ballet class is so much fun I'm so glad I found it. She teaches through to learning dances, so I come away each week feeling like I'm a real dancer! (I'm not!) Anyone looking to start ballet as an adult should try one of Michelle's Classes.


Chloe absolutely loves the tiny tot's class. We started before she could walk when she would sway to the music and clap along. Now she joins in with everything and loves Michelle.  Michelle is a great teacher who is kind, patient and encourages every child in the class. She makes classes lots of fun and all the children love her. Ballet is Chloe's favourite time of the week.


Angela - Love2Dance is absolutely fantastic, My daughter loves going and Michelle is really good with them highly recommended.


Poppy's confidence has grown massively since starting at Love2Dance. She loves going every week and smiles throughout the class!

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